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Gingerbread Madeleines

A plate of Gingerbread Madeleines with a bowl of glaze

Something about hearing the word madeleine conjures up images of teatime in France for me. Sitting in a little cafe with a steaming pot of tea, a plate of buttery madeleines and my favorite novel. I was a little nervous to start baking these since they seem tricksy but when I found a madeleine pan at Goodwill I knew it was time. I started my experimenting with David Lebovitz’s recipe which I found at Tasting Table. True to form I read everything I could find about the process for make a good madeleine and then made a few batches myself.

Gingerbread Madeleine being dipped into glaze

They were amazingly delicious and I was hooked. I wasn’t feeling the pumpkin craze this fall for some reason but gingerbread was calling my name. Now that I have made several batches and we’re in full winter hibernation mode I can say that Gingerbread Madeleines are one of my favorite little treats!

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