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simple multi-grain bread


Simple Multi-Grain Bread

Enjoy a slice of home baked Multi-Grain Bread with breakfast | Bread Recipes

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If you’ve read any of my story over on my About page you’ll know I started baking bread at the tender age of 11. For those of you who like math that’s 22 years ago, yikes! Here’s what I have learned: there are so many things I don’t yet know about bread making! Did you know that a Master Baker can be knighted? It’s called Chevalier dans l’Ordre du Merite Agricole or Knight in the Order of Agricultural Merit. The French Republic bestows it on individuals such as Dominique Geulin for outstanding contributions to agriculture. Luckily for the rest of us, it’s still quite possible to make a nice loaf or two of bread to devour at breakfast without studying every aspect of bread making first. That’s my goal with this simple Multi-Grain Bread recipe.

Whip up a couple loaves of Multi-Grain Bread in no time with this recipe!

Now, this is not an “artisan” bread recipe. I don’t leave it in the fridge or bake it on a stone or use freshly picked wild yeast from the moors of Scotland. This is just a lovely simple bread that’s perfect for home bakers to dip their toes into the deep pool that is bread making. I would try that other stuff though if it meant I got to go to Scotland… Instead we’re going to make and enjoy this pretty loaf that’s a combination of soft and just dense enough to sink your teeth into. Over time we’ll investigate many more ways to make, love, and probably improve our bread. For now this is just what I need in my life, an easy but still healthy Multi-Grain Bread.

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