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Sunday Afternoon Irish Beef Stew

Two bowls of beef stew with sour cream and green onions

I was really excited about this recipe while I was making (and eating it) but then I started second guessing myself for creating a low and slow stove top stew recipe instead of using the crockpot. Are there still people who have time and are willing to let their dinner simmer on the stove for five hours? I decided to call it Sunday Afternoon Irish Beef Stew to set expectations up front and see what happened!

Through a weird twist of fate, now that I’m actually posting the recipe, most of the world is quarantined to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Suddenly we’re stuck at home with none of the usual places to go or errands to run. We have time to cook! If you really need to use a crockpot you can. Start with the beef, onions, broth, beer, potatoes and carrots then after 2-3 hours add the rest of the vegetables so they don’t get overcooked. You won’t need as much broth in a crockpot. Judge how much broth to leave out based on how thick you want the end product.

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