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Lemon Ginger Tea

Pouring lemon ginger tea from a teapot into chinese style teacups

The season of tea is here in force. The air is filled with icy snow that blows against the windows as we snuggle down into fuzzy slippers and watch Netflix in front of a flickering fire. But duty calls and we head to work and the gym and our kids go back to school. Next thing you know you’re reaching for the tissues and the box is empty. In fact all the boxes are empty and half the family is coughing. It’s time to brew up some Lemon Ginger Tea and kick the cold to the curb.

Blue and gray teapot with three small glasses of lemon ginger tea

When I got a cold as a child my Mom would mix a couple teaspoons of lemon juice and honey in a tiny glass and let me drink it. I loved it – sweet and sour and intensely flavored. My kids however, are not fans. Because of that I really doubted they would drink this tea. To my surprised they loved it! I let mine brew for a few hours because we were busy and warmed it up on the stove with a couple spoons of sugar and poured it into these little china teacups. Winter tea heaven.

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