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Apple Cider Cupcakes

Apple Cider Cupcakes ready for teatime

I am soooo happy to finally be back with a new recipe! This last year and a half have been a crazy whirlwind of house hunting, house selling and remodeling. Thankfully we are happily settled in our new home and neighborhood which we LOVE and hope to stay in forever! I also am super loving my new kitchen which I am living in while the kids are at school. I’ve been testing tons of recipes and reading all the cookbooks but the first one going up here is Apple Cider Cupcakes.

Cinnamon Buttercream Icing

I do like a good pumpkin dessert this time of year but I wanted to deviate a little and find an alternative that stills feel like fall. Apple Cider Cupcakes have a good almost apple pie flavor in the cake with a delicious Apple Cider Buttercream to top it off. Definitely tastes like fall in a cupcake!

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Crock-pot Apple Butter

Savor the season with easy Crock-pot Apple Butter. Packed with fall flavors it's perfect for breakfast, snack or gifting! | The Teatime Baker | Apple Butter Recipe | Autumn Breakfast | Homemade #crockpotapplebutter

Have I mentioned that Fall is my favorite season? Truthfully my favorite season is September-December. Crisp air, fresh apples, colored leaves, bonfires, cozy sweatshirts, hot tea, spiced cider and hot chocolate meld into holiday baking, the smell of fresh pine, shopping for gifts and celebrating with the whole family. Seriously, I can’t think of anything I enjoy more. At the end of August my father-in-law brought me a box of early season apples and I decided to try making Crock-pot Apple Butter. Growing up in Amish Country I love apple butter but for some reason I’ve never made any myself.

I started printing and comparing recipes to get an idea for proportions. Right away I noticed that they are all pretty similar with just small differences. Christina from Dessert for Two used half sugar and half honey in her Slow Cooker Apple Butter and I like the idea of honey as a liquid instead of the apple cider, vinegar or water that I saw in others. I used white sugar this time but I will probably use brown next time. The apples I had were deliciously tart so the sweetness worked for me. If I make it with sweeter apples I would cut back on the sugar a little.

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