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Apple Cider Cupcakes

Apple Cider Cupcakes ready for teatime

I am soooo happy to finally be back with a new recipe! This last year and a half have been a crazy whirlwind of house hunting, house selling and remodeling. Thankfully we are happily settled in our new home and neighborhood which we LOVE and hope to stay in forever! I also am super loving my new kitchen which I am living in while the kids are at school. I’ve been testing tons of recipes and reading all the cookbooks but the first one going up here is Apple Cider Cupcakes.

Cinnamon Buttercream Icing

I do like a good pumpkin dessert this time of year but I wanted to deviate a little and find an alternative that stills feel like fall. Apple Cider Cupcakes have a good almost apple pie flavor in the cake with a delicious Apple Cider Buttercream to top it off. Definitely tastes like fall in a cupcake!

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Cookies/ Dessert

Gingerbread Madeleines

A plate of Gingerbread Madeleines with a bowl of glaze

Something about hearing the word madeleine conjures up images of teatime in France for me. Sitting in a little cafe with a steaming pot of tea, a plate of buttery madeleines and my favorite novel. I was a little nervous to start baking these since they seem tricksy but when I found a madeleine pan at Goodwill I knew it was time. I started my experimenting with David Lebovitz’s recipe which I found at Tasting Table. True to form I read everything I could find about the process for make a good madeleine and then made a few batches myself.

Gingerbread Madeleine being dipped into glaze

They were amazingly delicious and I was hooked. I wasn’t feeling the pumpkin craze this fall for some reason but gingerbread was calling my name. Now that I have made several batches and we’re in full winter hibernation mode I can say that Gingerbread Madeleines are one of my favorite little treats!

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Cake/ Dessert

Funfetti Celebration Cupcakes

Three colorful funfetti cupcakes with pink candles and clear sugar glitter on top

Today is my baby girl’s birthday! It’s hard to believe that it’s been 11 years since that adorable little baby changed our lives forever. She’s now a pretty pre-teen with a quick wit, a love of everything, and some impressive artistic talent. It seemed only fitting to salute that with a batch of Funfetti Celebration Cupcakes.

Three colorful cupcakes with pink candles and colored flames

These fluffy vanilla cupcakes are super easy to whip up from scratch and filled with your favorite sprinkles. Top them off with multi-colored icing and finish with a dusting of clear sprinkles for the glitter effect. We even found some super cool candles at the local craft store that have colored flames!

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Breakfast/ Dessert

Homemade Blueberry Peach Cobbler

Singe dish of blueberry peach cobbler on a table with sunshine, a spoon and a plant

When I was young I remember going to my Grandparents house next door for dinner. I know that my Grandma was a good cook but I don’t remember most of the things that she made. It’s the fun meals that stick in my mind. When we visited them in Florida we got to have “strawberry soup” for dinner sometimes. Grandpa loved that one – bread torn up and topped with fresh strawberries, sprinkled with sugar. We’d pour milk into the bowl and it was like a weird sort of cereal. I’m guessing it started among the generation that grew up during the Great Depression. However, my favorite meal was when Grandma would make Homemade Blueberry Peach Cobbler for dinner and we got to eat as much as we wanted.

Process picture of putting together peach and berry cobbler in the sunshine

Cobbler for dinner is not a huge stretch. I’m sure it’s no worse than french toast or pancakes as a meal, but as a kid it felt like an amazing winter treat. I’ve made cobbler with various fruit over the years, but blueberry peach is nostalgic as well as delicious. Juicy tart blueberries meld beautifully with the soft, sweet peaches. Stir it up into a syrupy cocktail and top it off with light sweet biscuits that are soft underneath with a little crunch on top! I’m thinking that this would be a fantastic Valentine’s Day Brunch…

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Cookies/ Dessert

Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies

Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies are full of deep, dark, dense, rich chocolate with an espresso finish. A chocolate lovers dream! | Holiday Baking | The Teatime Baker | Holiday Cookies | #doublechocolateespressocookies

We’re into the home stretch – Day 5 of Cookie Week! Are you tired of cookies yet?? I promise this one is worth it. Say it with me now, Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies. That’s right, we’re going straight into chocolate heaven this week. These cookies are more like a brownie in cookie form, or so my husband informs me. It took four batches to get these just right. Deep, dark, dense, rich chocolate with an espresso finish. Pure nirvana I assure you. Scooped with a medium cookie scoop they are just the right size!

Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies are full of deep, dark, dense, rich chocolate with an espresso finish. A chocolate lovers dream! | Holiday Baking | The Teatime Baker | Holiday Cookies | #doublechocolateespressocookies

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This cookie was also developed from the Bake From Scratch Cookie Chart. Melted butter keeps them dense and chewy. The espresso intensifies the chocolate flavor and shows itself as a finishing note rather than a main stage player. These Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies were surprisingly my son’s favorite cookie! He was pretty sad when I sent the rest of the final batch to work with Daddy and he had to settle for a different dessert.

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