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Apple Cider Cupcakes

Apple Cider Cupcakes ready for teatime

I am soooo happy to finally be back with a new recipe! This last year and a half have been a crazy whirlwind of house hunting, house selling and remodeling. Thankfully we are happily settled in our new home and neighborhood which we LOVE and hope to stay in forever! I also am super loving my new kitchen which I am living in while the kids are at school. I’ve been testing tons of recipes and reading all the cookbooks but the first one going up here is Apple Cider Cupcakes.

Cinnamon Buttercream Icing

I do like a good pumpkin dessert this time of year but I wanted to deviate a little and find an alternative that stills feel like fall. Apple Cider Cupcakes have a good almost apple pie flavor in the cake with a delicious Apple Cider Buttercream to top it off. Definitely tastes like fall in a cupcake!

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Homemade Spiced Chai

Homemade spiced chai is the perfect cup of tea for chilly autumn evenings | Tea Recipe

I feel like we’re overdue for a post about tea, so today we’re making Homemade Spiced Chai! I first started drinking tea soon after we moved to Kathmandu. At that time I was 9 and chai or chiya as we said in Nepali, was integral to socializing in our new culture. When we went shopping bargaining took place over a cup of tea. Once we moved out into the village to work at the NGO hospital, teatime was usually around 10 am. Everyone stopped working and took a break for a half hour and drank tea together. Sometimes I would go down to the hospital and have tea with the staff, other times we had our tea at home as a recess from school.

Homemade spiced chai is the perfect cup of tea for chilly autumn evenings | Tea Recipe

One such experience has always stuck in my memory. My dad and I had driven eight hours to the nearest city to pick up some car parts. We arrived late in the evening and were offered tea while they got our parts from storage. Now, when I say store I mean one of the little store fronts you see in pictures of Asian countries. A small room facing the street with a metal garage door that pulls down and locks when you close for the night. This one was spare, dark and full of car parts, much like a small warehouse. They offered us “special” tea, whatever that meant, and we accepted of course. Lo and behold out comes a china chocolate pot. Decorative, fancy and accompanied by demitasse china cups!

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