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Apple Cider Cupcakes

Apple Cider Cupcakes ready for teatime

I am soooo happy to finally be back with a new recipe! This last year and a half have been a crazy whirlwind of house hunting, house selling and remodeling. Thankfully we are happily settled in our new home and neighborhood which we LOVE and hope to stay in forever! I also am super loving my new kitchen which I am living in while the kids are at school. I’ve been testing tons of recipes and reading all the cookbooks but the first one going up here is Apple Cider Cupcakes.

Cinnamon Buttercream Icing

I do like a good pumpkin dessert this time of year but I wanted to deviate a little and find an alternative that stills feel like fall. Apple Cider Cupcakes have a good almost apple pie flavor in the cake with a delicious Apple Cider Buttercream to top it off. Definitely tastes like fall in a cupcake!

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Packaging Holiday Cookies

Make your holiday baking really shine with these ideas for Packaging Holiday Cookies. | Holiday Baking | Cookie Packaging | Free Printables | The Teatime Baker | #packagingholidaycookies

Now that Cookie Week is over it’s time for one last post: Packaging Holiday Cookies. I love handing out homemade goodies during the holidays, but it can be a struggle to come up with interesting presentation. I’ve used pretty plates but I like the idea of a package rather than just a plate of cookies. This year I decided I would put some work in and figure out a few different packaging methods. Of course you can use these ideas to spark your own, but if you want to do the same or similar packaging I’m including a list of materials for each example. Pop your email in the box below and I’ll send you the sheet of free printable tags I designed for this post!

Disclosure: this post includes affiliate links, if you click through one of my links and buy something I make a small commission. Thanks for helping me keep this blog running!

I had to start with Halloween because it’s the perfect time for treats! For this simple but fun design I started with a white paper lunch bag. First I cut out my “No tricks, Just Treats” tag and picked out a sheet of scrapbook paper that I liked to frame it. Cut the scrapbook paper about 1/4″ larger on the height and width than the tag then stick the tag onto it with double sided tape. I also used the double sided tape to stick the whole tag onto the front of the paper bag. Fold the top over to the desired height and punch two holes in the top for the bow. Fill your bag with candy or cookies and tie it shut with some natural jute twine and colored baker’s twine.

White Paper Lunch Bags

Mariposa Matstack (scrapbook paper) – this is the one I used for these tags

Natural Jute Twine

Baker’s Twine – or other decorative string

Double Sided Tape

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