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Black Forest Cupcakes

Black Forest Cupcakes are perfect for a dinner party or weeknight dessert | Chocolate Recipes

During my high school years we had family picnics as often as we could during the summer. Baked beans, hot dogs, salad, fruit, homemade ice cream – all the good stuff. One of my favorite picnic desserts was the chocolate cake Aunt Carol would often bring. A single round layer, covered in whipped cream, sprinkled with cinnamon and dotted with cherries. Simple, delicious, and light, it stuck in my mind. Many years later I’m re-creating it in these Black Forest Cupcakes!

Deep dark chocolate cupcakes with freshly whipped cream, a cherry and a sprinkling of cinnamon | Black Forest Cupcakes

The cupcakes themselves are a simple one bowl dark chocolate cake recipe. Last year my husband asked me to give him a cake recipe that he could make for my birthday without a lot of baking experience. I handed him The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe from Robyn at Add a PinchΒ which I had made several times myself, and suggested he make it as two single layers with whipped cream, cinnamon and cherries for nostalgia’s sake. It was a huge hit and we all loved it!

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Dessert/ Pie

Triple Berry Galette

Celebrate summer with a Triple Berry Galette! | Summer Fruit Desserts

Anyone else intimidated by pie? I avoided making pie crust until we went gluten free for a few years and if I didn’t do it hubby didn’t get pie. I’ve never been much of a pie person (I’m coming around) but I did it for love! Nowadays it’s not so scary to make a pie crust and let me tell you, this Triple Berry Galette is beyond worth braving homemade crust! Anyone here familiar with the Galette? I only discovered it recently as I started exploring more European baking recipes.

Red & Black Raspberries and strawberries create a beautiful juicy filling in this Triple Berry Galette | Berry Recipes

A free form pie with a rustic pleated edge sprinkled with raw sugar. Heaven! My mind is now spinning with all the sweet and savory variations that could be made this way… On to berries though.Β Another reason a galette is a great choice here is because it needs less filling. I don’t know about you, but when I see “six cups of berries” for a regular pie my mind screams NO! I could make 10-12 jars of jam with that many berries! All in one pie and devoured in a few days at most?! I just can’t bring myself to do it. This requires a mere three cups – one of each type of berry. I used strawberries, red raspberries and black raspberries but you can use whatever you have available. There’s so much to love in this Triple Berry Galette.

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